Who We Are

Bread Financial is a tech-forward financial services company that offers simple, personalized payment, lending and saving solutions. We create opportunities for our customers and partners through digitally enabled choices that bring ease, empowerment and financial flexibility.
Our Mission, Vision and Values
We challenge the status quo to enable satisfaction and happiness through simple, smart financial solutions created for all.
To think outside the bank as the leading tech-forward financial solutions provider serving people and their passions for a better life.
  • Be Real
  • Be Nimble
  • Be Courageous
  • Be Dependable
  • Be Kind and Pay It Forward
Sustainability: Advancing Responsible Business Practices

As a purpose-driven financial services company, sustainability is woven into our business strategy and enables us to provide win-win solutions that build trust and deliver value for our associates, partners, customers, and stakeholders.


As part of our commitment to operating responsibly, and based on the highest standards of ethics and integrity, we ensure social and environmental considerations are integrated throughout our organizational and cultural decision making. This commitment starts with comprehensive processes and policies designed to promote transparency, accountability and ensure our continued success on behalf of those we serve.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Creating a Sense of Belonging

We embrace and promote diversity, equity and inclusion through strategic and intentional initiatives intended to:


  • -Attract, retain and empower top talent from all walks of life and experiences to fuel our success
  • -Promote a culture and work environment that enables all associates to be their best selves, do their best work and make a difference in the lives of others
  • -Invest in programs that reduce barriers, advance equity and inclusion and deliver better outcomes for our communities
  • -Collaborate with partners and suppliers that share our values to enable best-in-class experiences for our customers


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