Private label credit cards

Consider the perks retail cards can offer.

Fans of certain brands have many options to show their loyalty. One growing avenue is credit cards, which often come with rewards for those loyal fans. 

These private label credit cards are usable only at a specific retailer. (Not to be confused with co-branded cards, which are general purpose cards usable at any card-accepting merchant)

Bread Financial operates the systems behind many private label credit cards. We provide the technology and the customer service, while the brand provides benefits and perks as a thank you.

It’s not difficult to see why this type of credit card is popular. They build on the concept and popularity of traditional store cards but add on additional conveniences and perks. These might include:

  • Special payment terms: Private label cards may offer promotional financing programs such as low interest, 0% interest or deferred interest for a specified period. These types of offers can make it easier for consumers to pay off large purchases in exchange for their store loyalty.
  • Rewards: Using a private label card often comes with exclusive rewards for being a loyal customer. These can include the ability to earn “loyalty points” toward discounts on future purchases.
  • “VIP” benefits: Just holding one of these cards could provide immediate benefits, such as easier return options (making returns without a receipt) or other incentives.


Explore reward cards with Bread Financial.  

Bread Financial partners with some of the most popular brands to offer a variety of private label credit cards. 

Our card options enable shoppers to access modernized and award-winning credit and loyalty products, while rewarding them with exclusive perks — either in store or online depending on the terms. Find the card that best suits your interests, and discover the benefits for your loyalty. 

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