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Whether you want to learn more about who we are, need to find help with your credit card account or want to discover ways to take control of your finances, we can help.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bread Financial?

We are a tech-forward financial services company offering a full suite of payment, lending and saving products that give you more ways to shop, borrow and save.



What happened to Comenity?

Bread Financial is our new name and identity. You'll eventually start to see the Bread Financial logo in place of the Comenity logo as we evolve to our new identity. Learn more.


Why would Bread Financial or Comenity contact me?

Bread Financial and/or Comenity may call, text or email you in response to account questions or concerns, if your account is past due, or with marketing and servicing messages.


We will never ask you to provide sensitive information through email or text. We may ask you to verify your identity over the phone, but if you are ever unsure about whether a call is coming from us, please contact us. We may also send texts to your mobile number with ID verification codes or to contact you about a past-due account.

How can I apply for a credit card or loan, or sign up for a saving account?

You can apply for a Bread Financial credit card account online. Find available credit products on our home page or visit a brand's website to apply.



How can I manage my credit account online?

You can manage it through the online Account Center for your specific card.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering for online access to Account Center, check the following:


  • If you recently requested a change to your account, please wait 48 hours before trying to register again.
  • Be sure you are on the correct Account Center for your credit program. Search programs.
  • Be sure you're entering the correct account number, found on your billing statement or credit card.
  • Be sure you're entering the Social Security number, Social Insurance number, or alternate ID you used when you applied for your credit card.
  • Be sure you're entering the ZIP/postal code that matches the address of your last bill.


How do I manage my Bread Buy Now, Pay Later or Installment Loan account online?

Visit Bread Payments.


How do I manage my Bread Savings CD or Savings account online?

Visit Bread Savings.


How can I get a copy of the account agreement for my credit product?

You can access the most recent copy of your credit card account agreement here.


How do I find help for my Bread Savings account?

Visit Bread Savings Fequently Asked Questions.


How do I find help with my Bread Payments account?

Visit Bread Payments Frequently Asked Questions.


Can I receive assistance reading my billing statement or other account materials?

Yes, we’re happy to offer a variety of free services to support our customers who have accessibility needs. Please contact our customer care team using the information below.


What should I do if my account information is lost, stolen or compromised?
If your information is lost, stolen or compromised, or you notice suspicious activity, please contact the Customer Care team that supports your account immediately.


  • Credit card accounts: Call the phone number on the back of your credit card or on your statement. You can also find the number by searching for your card and visiting Account Center.
  • Bread Loans and Bread Pay accounts: Call 1-844-992-7323.
  • Bread Savings accounts: Call 1-833-755-4354.


How can I help keep my password secure?
You’ll create a unique username and password to access your accounts. When creating or resetting your password, keep these tips in mind:


  • Choose a strong password that’s a combination of numbers, symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Avoid using simple passwords, personal information like family names, or anything that could be easily learned about you.
  • Change your password often, generally, every three months.
  • Only save your username and password on personal devices, preferably in a password manager app that’s designed for securely storing passwords. Keep the information private and avoid writing it down.


How can I help keep my personal information secure?
Protecting your privacy and account security is our top priority. We use the latest technology to encrypt your personal information. This includes your account numbers, Social Security number, name, address, phone number and email.


Here are some ways you can also help protect your information:


  • Make sure you connect to your financial accounts using a trusted network, rather than an unknown one or public Wi-Fi.
  • When accessing your account in public, be aware of anyone who may be watching.
  • Confirm you’re on a secure website by checking for a padlock or key symbol next to the web address in your browser.
  • Watch for email alerts letting you know changes were made to your account.


How can I help protect my account against fraud?
While we’re working to protect you from unauthorized use of your account, you can also take steps to keep it safer.


  • Never let an unauthorized user have access to your account information.
  • Keep your cell phone number and other contact information updated so we can verify your identity if needed.
  • Connect to trusted or virtual private networks when sending personal or financial information. Never use an unsecured email or public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Store account documents and credit cards in a safe place.
  • Activate and sign your credit cards.


You can get more account security tips by visiting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website.


Is it safe for me to email Bread Financial about my account?

If you need to contact us, you can call us or use the contact information included on your account statement. If you do email us, never include confidential account or personal information. This is because email is not encrypted, so it’s not a secure form of communication.


To help safeguard your personal and account information, be on the alert for phone, email and mail security risks.



  • Do not share personal or account information by email or respond to unsolicited emails.
  • Be wary of emails asking for personal or financial information.
  • Don’t open links or attachments if you don’t know the sender.


  • Never share personal or account information over the phone unless you made the call.
  • Hang up if you’re unsure about the person or organization calling you.
  • Never respond to an unsolicited text message asking for personal or financial information.
  • Notify your carrier immediately if your phone is lost or stolen.


  • Go paperless to reduce the risk of mail fraud.
  • Let us know if an account statement or a new credit card does not arrive when expected.
  • Don’t include a Social Security number or driver’s license number on a mailed check.

What is SCRA?

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, or SCRA, is a national law providing financial relief and protection to eligible, active-duty military personnel. Bread Financial is committed to providing eligible service members with benefits and protections pursuant to the SCRA. SCRA's primary benefits to eligible service members include offering an interest rate of no more than six percent (6%) on accounts. You may be eligible for SCRA benefits and protections on your Comenity Credit Card account(s) if you are:


  • An active duty member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard
  • An Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard reservist serving on active duty
  • A National Guard member in qualifying active service
  • A commissioned officer of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration or Public Health Service on active service.


Where can I find eligibility, benefits and application information for the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)?

You may request SCRA benefits within 180 days following the end of your active duty period. You may choose whichever of the following options is most convenient for you, you may call for assistance.


  • Call

For questions about your account's eligibility or how to submit your request for relief under SCRA, call 1-855-463-0222. Monday-Friday 8 a.m.–8 p.m. ET (closed holidays)


  • Mail

Mail your written request, along with your military orders or a letter from your commanding officer, on military letterhead showing your active duty period(s) to this address:

Bread Financial
Attn: SCRA Request
PO BOX 182273
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2273


  • Fax

Fax your written request to 1-614-729-3417. You must include your active duty orders or a letter from your commanding officer on official letterhead showing your active duty period(s).





Get In Touch

Can't find what you are looking for? Here are a few ways to get in touch.


By Secure Messaging

Cardholders, you can send a secure message on Account Center. Find your card to get started.


By Mail

Cardholders and Bread Savings Accountholders, send mail to the address associated with your account. Not sure which bank is yours? It will be listed on the back of your card or on your statement.



Comenity BankComenity CapitalBread Savings
PO Box 183003PO Box 182273PO Box 182084
Columbus, OH 43218Columbus, OH 43218Columbus, OH 43218


By Phone

Whether you have an account with Comenity, Bread Savings, or Bread Payments, you can call us during business hours.

1-855-796-9632 (TDD/TTY:1-888-819-1918)